PL200 Sheet metal cutting lines
Item number :1483


SCL100, Fully automated sheet metal cutting is manufactured in three different widths: 1050, 1250, or 1550 mm.For handling of the cut-off sheets SCL100 is supplied with stacking and transport systems for fully automatic continuous op eration.

Standard Equipment

  • Decoiler
  • Straightening and feeding unit (feeding speed 30 m/min with measuring accuracy +/- 0,3 mm/m)
  • Cutting unit – a mechanical shear in special execution (cutting speed max. 60 cuts/min.)
  • Stacking system

Standard Features

  • Decoiler: 5-15 Tons and 1050-1550 mm widths
  • Straightening unit with 7-10 straightening rolls. The achievable straightness is in accordance with DIN 1541 for cold-rolled fine sheets.
  • Feeding unit with 2-4 sets of feeding rolls – each with one steel roll and one rubber coated roll. One set is placed before and one set after the straightening rolls. The feeding speed is 30 m/min, and the feeding accuracy +/- 0,3 mm/meter. As standard feeding rolls are activated and deactivated manually.
  • Cutting unit – a mechanical shear in special execution. The material is efficiently held by a hold down unit with hydraulic cylinders. The blades are turnable which ensures a long life time.
  • Control – with touch screen. The control is programmable and can be used in manual or automatic operation.
  • Stacking system is full automated with PLC system. Loading/unloading is done automatically.


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