Scrap tire recycling systems
Item number :1488

Scrap tire recycling, as it is commonly known, means not only the replacement of fossil fuels but also the separation of valuable materials such as rubber, steel and textiles and reintroduce them into the raw material cycle.

For this application ATM offers complete recycling systems from one source. To start the recycling process, scrap tires have to be cut into chunks. High capacity shredders are used for this application. Running in a circle with disc screens, these high capacity machines produce clean cut chunks, size 50 x 50 mm, a preferred and easy to dose bulk material for thermal reuse. The scrap tires are cut to chunk sizes, 150x150 mm as feed material for a granulation step for the production of rubber granules.

Shredders loosen the rubber-steel-textile compound. The loosened components are separated by means of magnetic-, air- and screening technology. The textile fluff is very well suited as insulation material. The separated steel wires have a purity of > 97 percent and can be lucratively sold.

The rubber granules are, in a third step, granulated in the PANTHER to desired particle size and are further freed from steel and textile.

Typical areas of application for rubber granules from scrap tires are the construction of sports arenas such as running tracks and tennis courts, flexible flooring for improved protection from falling on playgrounds, road construction as an additive to asphalt, for decreasing ruts and road noise, for the production of molded parts for industries and households, the production of mats for heat-, noise- and vibration damping in vehicles and at workstations etc. The three-step ATM process sets the standard for high capacity, low operating costs and an excellent return

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