Hydraulic Cylinders

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed for special purpose machines, mobile hydraulics, industrial applications, steering systems, hydraulic lifts to cranes, aerial work platforms, in the agricultural and forestry technology, the Defense Technology and the lifting equipment.

As required service life, running and operating characteristics, or the climatic conditions are then implemented by our specialists. Here we can draw on a wealth of experience in the design and optimization of application-specific characteristics. The complex machinery and equipment often requires a correspondingly complex hydraulic solution. Here we can contribute with our know-how.

We also integrate our controls from hydraulic cylinders and equip the cylinder with position measuring systems, or limit switches.

We only use high quality materials and seals well-known manufacturers. With our manufacturing and testing facilities, we are currently unable to get pressure of up to 600 bar, strokes up to 8000 mm and weights up to 12000 kg cylinder realize.

Cylindrical tubes are manufactured by DIN2391, structural steels, fine grain steels, stainless steels, stainless steels. Piston rods are hardened, chrome plated, Ni + Cr-coated, and provide different environmental conditions and application, other coatings.

1. Factory

It is the factory where cylinders called as Tractor Steering Cylinders. It serves to automotive sector. Its production capacity is 30.000 pieces/year. Cylinders that come out of this line are assembled to tractors directly without undergoing any customer control.

Due to the fact that they are nut locks, they go under special tests at Life Testing Devices that simulate tractor specifications designed by Hidrolift in order to provide product validation and sustainability with regard to product safety.

2. Factory

It is the Factory that belongs to cylinders used in food industry. All of the produced cylinders are exported. All components of cylinders are produced from stainless materials as required by sector demands and standards. Annual production capacity is around 5000 pieces.

There is no admittance to the assembly section due to sterilization reasons, only Block executive officers are allowed to enter this area.

3. Factory

This section defined as serial lines is organized in order to meet the demands for cylinders with up to 200 mm diameter and 1500 mm height. Main sectors it makes production for are: Trailer Producers Construction Equipment Producers Industrial Machine Producers Other sectors with similar measure, amounts and processes. Its production capacity is 25.000 pieces/year.

Cylinders that come out of this section are transmitted to diret assembly lines as dyed finished products just like in 1.Factory.

4. Factory

It is organized mainly for the production of large scale cylinders that require special processes with reduced amounts. Its production capacity is 5000 pieces/year. Main sectors it produces for: Iron-Steel Industry Mining Industry Shipping Industry Dam Industry Other sectors with similar measures, amounts and processes.

It has the capability to make production with following dimensions: 1000mm inner diameter and 8000mm height 600mm inner diameter and 15000mm height Scale and capacity increase continues with new investments.


it is separated from the factory area and serves only to domestic market. Its main functions are repair and maintenance revision. Its main customer portfolio is composed of road and building contractors.

Its purpose of establishment is to satisfy customer needs within the shortest time with the mentality of emergency service.